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Businesses for Sale

The Following are businesses that Hallmark Business Consultants is currently offering for sale. To view more information about an individual business, please click on the business you would like to see.

Though we update our online listings regularly, many businesses are sold before they have a chance to be listed here or are too confidential to be published on our database. For our most current listings, or to join our database of clients seeking to purchase a specific type of business, please call our office directly. (520) 577-5151

Business Type: Distributor of AC & Heating Products
for Autos/Trucks/Equipment

Purchase Price: $2,100,000

Business Type: Mini Storage"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $1,200,000

Business Type: Assisted Living Home for 10"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $940,000

Business Type: Swimming Pool & Spa Contractor"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $780,000

Business Type: Solar Products Distribuiton Business "SOLD"
Purchase Price: $750,000

Business Type: Casino Corporate Events and Equipment Rental"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $750,000

Business Type: TV Related Business"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $725,000

Business Type: Tax Practice"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $655,000

Business Type: Funeral Home in Southwest"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $650,000. for business plus real estate for $750,000

Business Type: Western Steakhouse"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $600,000 (including real estate)

Business Type: Full Brazier Dairy Queen"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $550,000 plus real estate

Business Type: Specialty Auto Parts retail/wholesale"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $520,000 includes real estate

Business Type: Daycare"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $499,000

Business Type: Mobile Home Products"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $490,000 + real estate

Business Type: Dry Cleaning Plant with Laundry"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $455,000

Business Type: Recreational Sports"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $412,500 including real estate

Business Type: ISO Certified Contract Manufacturer"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $400,000

Business Type: Pool and Spa Business"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $350,000

Business Type: Transmission Repairs"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $350,000

Business Type: Full Service Hair Salon and Mini Spa"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $329,000

Business Type: Adult Assisted Living Home"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $300,000 (includes real estate)

Business Type: High volume Quiznos"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $299,000

Business Type: Franchised Locksmith"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $295,000

Business Type: Sports Bar & Grill"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $225,000

Business Type: Very profitable Quiznos Sub Shop"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $249,000

Business Type: Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $225,000

Business Type: Mobile & Manufactured Home Products"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $200,000

Business Type: Bar/Wine Bar/Tasting Room "SOLD"
Purchase Price: $185,000

Business Type: Leading Shipping, Packing, and Mailing Business"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $175,000

Business Type: UofA Area Restaurant"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $170,000

Business Type: Awning & Screen Manufacturing"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $120,000

Business Type: Profitable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Store"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $120,000

Business Type: Sandwich/Fast Food Deli"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $145,500

Business Type: Pack, Ship and Mail"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $140,000

Business Type: Bagel Bakery"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $130,000

Business Type: 5 Unit Mobile Home Park"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $123,500

Business Type: Professional Driver Training School and Traffic Survival School
Purchase Price: $110,000"SOLD"

Business Type: Salon and Day Spa"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $110,000

Business Type: Specialty Auto Paint"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $110,000

Business Type: Trash and Garbage Collection"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $100,000

Business Type: Appraisal Firm"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $100,000

Business Type: Womens' Consignment Boutique"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $90,000

Business Type: Full Service Hair Salon and Mini Spa"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $60,000

Business Type: Mobile Locksmith"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $75,000

Business Type: Tanning Salon"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $52,000

Business Type: Shell Convenience Store"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $50,000

Business Type: Breakfast & Lunch Café"SOLD"
Purchase Price: $42,000

Business Type: Long Established Towing Business"SOLD"
Purchase Price: Value of business assets to be sold